Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sargent Welch: where are you?

UPDATE 5/11/09: See comments for the detailed explanation from Sargent Welch. The short version: Technical difficulties--please stand by. (Whew!)
UPDATE: Lee T sends word that the site is back up. Gave me a palpitation for a moment there.

Can't tell / Don't know if this is a temporary outage or something worse.

But current attempts to connect to the Sargent Welch website are redirecting to a Network Solutions "domain-holder" page. (By the way, are such pages among the most annoying things you see on teh interwebs?)

Anyone know what's up at Sargent Welch?


Anonymous said...

Sargent-Welch / Cenco Physics experienced an external server malfunction this weekend and is still in the process of being repaired. Some IP addresses will show the site, some will not. The problem should be fixed in the next 24 hours.

This was a minor glitch, I apologize for the inconvenience it causes. Rest assured that will be up an running soon.


Ben Pearson
Director of Sargent-Welch and Cenco Physics

ColleenD said...


So sorry we worried you. But it's good to know we were missed.

Yes, there was a technical glitch with the Sargent Welch site Saturday morning. It was resolved really quickly. However, when the issue is DNS related, as this was, it takes different amounts of time for the site to appear at different IP addresses. So, some of you may have seen the site Saturday morning...others Sunday.

Rest assured, this issue should not happen again.

Thanks for missing us.

Colleen, E-commerce, Sargent Welch

Dean Baird said...

Thanks for the reassurance Ben and Colleen.

My heart skipped a beat. I even checked the Canadian site at some point to make sure you were still out there somewhere.

OK, back to updating my Sargent Welch wishlists...