Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spot the physics

My buddy and fellow skeptical photographer, Scott Hurst, sent this along.

I see physics. And I see pain. But mostly... WOW! It's 5:38 of your life you can't get back. Trust me; you'll be OK with that by the end of the clip. Don't forget to breathe!

If the video embed above doesn't work for you, click here. I hope to see more from master Danny MacAskill.

UPDATE: No, I couldn't leave "well-enough" alone. You know how I am. Here's a worksheet you can use as a classroom lesson to accompany the video clip. Can you write a better one? Of course! If you teach physics, you'll be keen to generate some estimation-based calculations. So have at it. Think of my lesson as a mere introduction to the video.


Stevie Ray said...

When I was a youth, the only trick I did with MY bicycle was to clothespin a couple of playing cards onto to the back wheel struts to make a cool motorcycle sound as they flapped against the spokes.
I'm waiting for the YouTube sequence that shows these same series of stunts being done on a unicycle! Vroom...Vroom (a.k.a. flap...flap) I'm outta here!
Evil MacKeithal

granolape said...

here you go for the unicycle equivalent. Chris Holm is amazing...