Sunday, April 19, 2009

Psychics can squeeze blood from turnips

...or at least from the throngs of bleevers who just fell from the turnip truck. Matt at The Skeptical Teacher shines a withering light on this psychic puff-piece masquerading as a human-interest time filler at CBS "News."

Bottom line: you can make a lot of money making up things to tell people. Check out Matt's note to see how hard it is to become a psychic.

And remember, there are no real psychics. If there were such things, where were they on 9-10?


Stevie Ray said...

I think some of these WooMeisters were once employees of Lehman Brothers.

Dan Burns said...

How disappointing. We continue to live in a demon haunted world.

Lucky Numbers said...

I don't believe on that one.Blood form turnips?It's a hoax.

brean said...

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