Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bobbing for magnets, take 2

Here's my second attempt at a groovy electromagnetic interaction demonstration. It's based on a setup I saw Don Walters use at The Naval Postgraduate School at an NCNAAPT meeting. He did a quick take, and I thought it was an improvement on The Exploratorium's Magnetic Pendulums.

As I often do, I milked this demo (and many tangents to it) for all I thought they were worth. To summarize, this demo shows electromagnetic interaction and slowly and carefully constructs observational evidence for Lenz's law.

Find the PDF here: Bobbing for Magnets PDF.

Find the answer key PDF here: Bobbing for Magnets Key PDF.

Find the preso here: Bobbing for Magnets QT. My presentations are rarely simple, linear expositions of the corresponding worksheet. You've been warned.

UPDATE: Fixed the link to the PDF. (Thanks Alby and Stephanie.) AND, I added a QuickTime Presentation for your enjoyment.


Stephanie Chasteen said...

The link for your PDF doesn't work, Dean.

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The "Bobbing for Magnets" link isn't working.

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