Monday, March 30, 2009

Skinny Fish Tank media

The Skinny Fish Tank has now been unleashed to the world, thanks to Arbor Scientific. They call it the Laser Viewing Tank (P2-7690), but it's still a skinny fish tank to me. It's very low tech and doesn't seem worth very useful until you see it in action.

Even though I know how groovy it is, I'm still amused by the enthusiasm I see in colleagues when they see it in operation.

Here's a photo album I made for Arbor using a prototype (that had seen years of classroom use).

And here's Arbor's product description video. Don't you wish all science suppliers made videos of their products in action? Arbor's created dozens of these things and is always making more. Let's hope other companies follow Arbor's lead.

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Alby said...

Fantastic photos - love them!