Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who has better science standards than California?

As it turns out, no one.

At least according to a comprehensive evaluation made by the Fordham Institute.

The study was published in 2005, but it was news to me. Thanks to SCAAPT President, Bill Layton, for pointing out this report to me. I freely admit you could fill the Grand Canyon with the things I don't know. And I'm embarrassed by how much of that is stuff I should know.

The upside is that--according to the study--California has the best science standards in the nation. The downside is that if you ever hoped (as I often do) that the standards might be open for amendment, the State Board of Education will cite this study (among other things) to prevent any such attempt.

ETA: Here are a few more teasers regarding the study.

Top Five States
1. California (97%)
2. Virginia (96%)
3. Massachusetts (94%)
4. South Carolina (93%)
5. Indiana (91%)

Bottom Five States
47. New Hampshire (36%)
48. Texas (34%)
49. Idaho (34%)
50. Wisconsin (29%)
51. Alaska (19%)

Note that there is one red state in the top five and two blue states in the bottom five. But the biggest blue state is number 1 and the biggest red state is number 48. Make of that what you will.


skeptic said...

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skeptic said...

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skeptic said...

Fordham hardly neutral. Their tail of how the cal standards were written were largly fiction. Cal standards suffer terminal case of wrong topic at wrong level, errors, and political correctness.

Dean Baird said...

Thanks for your comment. It would bear more weight if you could offer us
1. evidence of Fordham's bias. They may well have some axe to grind. I don't know. If you have something to offer (beyond a stated opinion), don't keep us in the dark.
2. a neutral-party assessment that ranks state science standards differently. I'm always keen to learn. If you can identify a state whose standards got it right, let us know.