Monday, December 24, 2007

Gas station ghost!

When will the madness stop? When there are no more people, I suppose.

The source? Always a local TV news program with minutes to fill. Always. Never CNN, never PBS, never even national nightly news. Always a local TV news show.

The tone? Always credulous. Virtually no skeptical sentiment to be found in these pieces. Ever. Providing the skeptical viewpoint would only point out the silliness of the piece and expose it for the timefiller that it is. Hence, the tone is always to promote the paranormal "explanation." (Of course, paranormal explanation--like jumbo shrimp or creation science--is an oxymoron.)

And paranormal explanations? Watch the video and try to keep a straight face through the patrons' "theories." The reporter loses points in my book for not hanging around long enough to find someone willing to proclaim that it was a visage of the Virgin Mary. I'm sure it wouldn't have taken more than ten minutes. Clearly she was up against an unyielding deadline.

The real cause of the image? Better to let you find that out on your own. But trust me, you can do that from where you are right now.


Len said...

At least they aren't plagued by man-eating spiders:
Giant Spider Eats Space Shuttle.

What luck to have angels visiting your gas station at Christmas -- far better than having bugs crawl over your security cam.

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd like this :-)

Dean Baird said...

In the words of Aunt Linda, I give that a "Ghaa!" and an "Oh, Brother!"