Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We Are The Champions... Again!

We dropped a pop fly and let a ground ball go between our legs. We whiffed on a slider. And we caught a break from the ref on a call that could have gone either way. It went down to the wire with the two best teams knotted at 26. The tie-breaker did come into play. But in the end, "Teachers Do It With Class" (Kelly, Christy, Billy, Gary, James, and I) prevailed at TriviaBowl VII!


Doug said...

And yet, Jupiter looks so sad. Cheer up, big fella, the good guys won....again. Congrats.

Dean Baird said...

One of the trivia questions was a lengthy one about a planet on which a southern hemisphere, methane cloud disturbance known as The Dark Spot disappeared for a few years and then reappeared in the northern hemisphere. After crossing out my knee-jerk response of Jupiter, I guessed Neptune because I recalled this Voyager-2 image. And I was right! I'm a fringe contributor on the team, but we needed every point we got to win. Good times!