Sunday, August 12, 2007

It was twenty years ago today

I moved to Sacramento in 1986. In August of 1987 I went to the Sacramento SPCA to adopt a cat. I grew up with a cat in the house and I was ready to adopt one for myself. I came home with two cats, Felix and Schroedinger. (The best toy you can give a cat is another cat.) They passed away in recent years.

Last week I returned to the SSPCA and adopted Ziggy and Sunshine. They're brother and sister. Though they're shy around people, they have yet to tire of rassling with one another.

Ziggy is dark, dark brown (nearly black) and has a huge, fluffy tail. Sometimes it appears to zigzag. I'd name him Zigzag, but I know everyone (including me) would just call him Ziggy.

Sunshine is very timid. She's unusual in that she's an orange/tabby. Most cats with that coloration are male. She broke one of her kitten canine teeth in her first three months; there was speculation we might find it lodged somewhere in her brother. She's several ounces lighter than her big bro, but none of that matters when they're tumbling across the floor.

They'll be four months old this week, so I'm getting them all caught up with their medical needs. Sunshine is already spayed and Ziggy is neutered, so these two won't add to the feline overpopulation of Sacramento.

Anyway, click on the pic for better, cuter pics.


Julia (Cuny) Meyer said...

Hey Mr. B! My brother showed me your blog. Seems odd that 21 years ago I first met you ( a month after getting my cat Steve). She just died last year.

Dean Baird said...

Hi Julia! Wow, Steve must have been one tough cat. Sorry for your loss; it's no fun when they die. Great to hear from you!