Friday, February 23, 2007

OT2: Everyone's an Ansel

In one of his comic tales, storyteller Kevin Kling recalled the living room of his childhood. In regard to TV viewing, "there was the one good seat, and every other seat was a lesser seat." And so it is at Yosemite's Tunnel View during a clearing winter storm. Every owner of a tripod in that row has seen this classic Ansel Adams image and wants to catch one for himself. And I use the term "himself" intentionally. Crowds like this do seem to require a y-chromosome for admission.

OK, I confess I'm just bitter over having lost to these guys for "the one good seat." But I was down at Valley View before racing up the hill to Tunnel View. (And I, erm, might have misrepresented the powertrain-related traction characteristics of the PhyzVan to the park ranger screening motorists at the bottom of the road to Tunnel View; he was checking for chains or 4WD.) Anyway, my non-zero rest mass probits me from being in more than one photo-shooting location at a time. Darned non-zero rest mass. Tomorrow I start my diet.

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chumly said...

Me too! Wait tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday I have a dinner date. Hmmm. Ok Monday, yeah Monday I'll start my diet.