Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday Sunny Syracuse

Sunday may be the best day of the conference.

A workshop in the morning covered a significant portion of cognitive research in physics education.

At lunch, I was able to get Al bartlett's quick review of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Bartlett was generally pleased with the presentation, but referred to it as An Incomplete Truth. Bartlett was disappointed by the omission of population growth as the most significant ultimate cause of global warming.

An afternoon workshop was a brief immersion into a robust family of physics simulations.

Dinner was a disappointment. Dorm food in all its dorm food splendor. I mean, "wow!" I had allowed myself to repress the memories. The trick is to enjoy a hearty breakfast and a heavy lunch so that dinner is irrelevant.

The High School Share-a-thon was next, and a number of groovy demos were show. There are photos here. The photos do some justice to the demos, but they fail to capture the bad puns and other clever banter. To get that, you had to be there.

I'd write more, but there's stuff going on!

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