Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Blog of Phyz?

I noticed two things recently.
1. I couldn't find a blog relating to issues of high school physics instruction.
2. I'm on summer vacation.
Hence this blog.

By the time I first started posting a website (now found at, I was an nine-year veteran of the physics classroom. I created a site because I thought it could be a useful vehicle for sharing information for my students, their parents, and for other physics teachers. That and I was curious about HTML, web page creation and posting. No better way to learn than to have a practical project at hand.

That was 1995. By 1997, the Phyz web site was fairly well fleshed out. And it was serving its purpose as an information portal. A few years later, I wanted to learn about Portable Document Format, so I turned my hand-crafted curriculum materials into PDFs and posted them on the site. With each step of its evolution, the site became more useful to its intended audience. And I'm happy to see many other teachers starting to create sites for their own classes.

Now I'm curious about the ins and outs of blogs. This one is intended as a conversation among physics educators and those concerned about physics instruction at the high school level. At its inception, I do not know how frequently I will update it or if eyes other than my own will see the words it contains.


Chris Becke said...

Thanks for blogging! Feel assured that yours are not the only eyes reading your site. Now that the AP Physics discussion group is aware, I'm sure your hit count will increase exponentially.

Great idea. Wonderful addition to your already well-respected and useful work!

Dean Baird said...

Thanks, Chris; I think high school physics is a topic worthy of many blogs. The several lively listservs out there are a testament to that. I'm not sure that a blog is a better vehicle than a listserv, but I know those listservs grew up before "blog" was a term. The blog is a different vehicle. I'm curious enough to give it a go. Time will tell.