Sunday, June 25, 2017

In the Skeptic Zone with The Exploratorium's Paul Doherty

And Richard Saunders and Eugenie Scott.

Australian skeptic podcaster, personality, origami artist, and host of The Skeptic Zone Podcast, Richard Saunders crossed the Pacific to visit America. Here in Northern California, he visited Paul Doherty at the Exploratorium and Eugenie Scott at her backyard beehive.

Our friend, Paul Doherty, was literally in his element, and that comes across nicely. Eugenie Scott is noted for her work with the National Center for Science Education, a friend to any teacher hoping to teach the science of evolution or climate change in challenging environments.

Richard Saunders has long been on the front lines of skepticism and critical thinking. My students know him for his ingenious take-down of the Australian distributor of Power Balance bracelets.

All three of these people are heroes and inspirations to me.

In any case, have a listen!

Skeptic Zone, Episode #453 - 25.June.2017

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