Monday, October 03, 2016

Stithsonian YouTube Channel

Doug Stith is also part of the Exploratorium Teacher Institute and has been sharing videos on his Stithsonian YouTube Channel with us for awhile. He has quite the knack for producing simple, clean videos that demonstrate concepts. He writes these for middle school students but the phenomenon he focuses on are usually quite complex. They are great for showing to your classes and he's always adding more.

He just posted this one on two Hot Wheels cars and their free fall motion that would have stumped my high school students for a bit:
He often creates puzzling videos to teach his students how to observe. There are some that ask students to spot the change or "what's wrong here?" and others that are forward/ reverse and stduenst have to guess which this Seesaw puzzler:

was followed with the solution:
He has quite a few up there on a variety of topics; peruse as you wish and let him know if you find them useful!

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