Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Scientist Valentines: The Next Generation


I've been sharing my collection of Scientist Valentines for a few years now. I had a great time producing them. It's a nice mix is content knowledge, creativity, and graphic design.

Scientist Valentines

But why keep the fun to myself? I decided it might be fun to have students try their hands at producing Scientist Valentines. So I put together a set of instructions, and have now shared those instructions with my AP Physics 2 students. They were recipients of these valentines last year, so they likely understand the nature of them.

I have no idea what they'll come up with, but that's why I'm doing this. As I said in my Dank Memes post, physics is easy; comedy is hard.

I provided a list of science luminaries that I had not yet valentined. But they are welcome to go "off the grid" and valentine scientists I didn't list. They can also re-valentine a scientist I've already honored.

I've designated Scientist Valentines am extra credit project. It seems wrong to force students to produce such a thing if they are not motivated to do so. Here are the instructions.

Make Your Own Scientist Valentine (a.k.a., The Next Generation)

I'll share the best of what my students come up with. And I'd be delighted to see what your students come up with.

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