Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Dan Burns' awesome gravity demo goes viral

Watch this video before it the hit counter tops 1,000,000 views (if it hasn't already)! Apparently it's been topping Reddit (sorry; I'm not a Reddit aficionado) and it merited a Huffington Post.

Gravity Visualized

This is our own Dan Burns at a PTSOS session (PTSOS3, to be exact—hence the comment about returning to electricity and magnetism) from last year.

He's explaining the pedagogy and content of his spandex gravity model to new teachers. It's the kind of thing we've always done at PTSOS. And his little gem hit the Internet's viral funny bone (to mix metaphors). To which I say, "Huzzah!" And now I feel bad that I don't have a groupie shot with Dan.

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