Friday, August 24, 2012

Delayed STAR test results posted today???


UPDATE: Actually, the normal August 15 statewide release of STAR results has been delayed until August 31. Student scores were reported to school districts on August 22.

UPDATE 2: My district promised access to data via Data Director on August 24:
CST Prebuilt Report Update

The DataDirector team is currently working on updating the CST Prebuilt Reports for use with your 2011-2012 CST data. The following Prebuilt Reports will be available for use with 2011-2012 by the close of business on August 24th:
-CST Scaled Scores
-CST Cluster Scores
-Student Profile Report

I have been unable to access the promised data. Data Director is not the most user-friendly system, but I've navigated it enough to access useful data in the past. At this point, I can get all the 2010-11 data I want, but 2011-12 remains elusive.


The state delayed the results of the Spring 2012 administration of STAR tests. These tests include the end-of-course California Standards Test (CST) in 9-12 Physics. (Don't get too excited by the "9-12 Physics" designation: only students in grades 9-11 take STAR tests.)

Because of incidents of item sharing (apparently, students photographed questions and shared them with classmates), the California Department of Education mounted an investigation. The investigation delayed the release of STAR test results. The results are usually published on or around August 15. The investigation pushed the release back to August 24 August 31. Here's the state's notice to schools on the matter.

There is a permanent link to CST results in the link column to the right. But here's a link, nonetheless.

STAR CST Results

From the main page, you'll want to click

2012 STAR Test Results

From there, click

"Search Test Results"

From there.

1. To see statewide results, select nothing from the alluring pop-up menus. Simply clicking "View Report."

What you get is the complete listing of STAR CST results statewide. Everything! Look at those huge-normous numbers. Scary!

2. To see county results, select a county, then "View Report."

3. To see district results, select a county, then select a school district within that county, then "View Report."

4. To see school results, select a county, then select a school district within that county, then select a school within that district, then "View Report."


Dean Baird said...

The results are posted/accessible now.

Anonymous said...

So when will the scores come back for the kids?