Saturday, April 02, 2011

My HS Physics to California Physics Alignment

In the residue of the school's recent WASC evaluation process, there is an interest in increased "transparency." There was a sense that we're doing well as far as instructional outcomes go, but that it's difficult for outside parties—themselves not a part of the school's community—to see how we do it. And it's been decided that that is something of importance.

Action plans are being formulated. Benchmarking and data-generation are priorities. Interest is keen in collecting data to demonstrate student attainment of the school's Expected Schoolwide Learning Results. [I would have linked to the ESLRs, but either my google-fu is poor or the school's website doesn't offer the document online. And that seems unlikely since each classroom was provided with a 24" x 36" laminated copy.]

Curiously, those ESLRs were fashioned to represent broad, longitudinal goals to be attained over the course of a student's four-year tenure at the school. And that's what ESLRs are supposed to be. Though I travel far and wide, I have never seen data-collection instruments designed to show ESLR attainment.

But ever the student, I'm eager to see effective examples such instruments. And even more eager to see the spreadsheets of the meaningful data generated by such instruments. And the remedial measures that will be enacted to ensure that each graduate will have ESLR data to support their right to walk at commencement. (That in addition to CAHSEE results and adequate academic performance and attendance records.)

To better serve outsiders looking in—now that I'm coming to terms with their priority as stakeholders—I have modified my Physics 1 unit schedules to include actual text of the California 9-12 Physics Standards covered in each unit of study.

And I'm hoping that this alignment document will bring joy to someone who might find value in it. Anything I might have accomplished in the time required to prepare the document will pale in comparison to the fulfillment and reassurance it will provide to outside investigators curious to the methods of our campus.

I am nothing if not a team player.

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