Wednesday, April 06, 2011

ExploratoRio 2011 photo prelims


While hosting ExploratoRio, I try to snap a photo or two. That's probably a bad idea, since there are so many mini-crises I should be resolving. And I should spend more time greeting the visiting teachers and chaperones. And I have students who are supposed to be snapping pics all day long. But I can't help myself.

Here is a preliminary set to show for our efforts until the student photos comes in. With any luck, they will have minded shooting details better than I did.

But for now...

Oh, we did have 14 elementary classes visit from 8:30am-12:30pm. That translates to about 400 students (in addition to my 150). It's not a trivial matter for teachers to coordinate a field trip to come visit us, so it was especially delightful to see so many young investigators throughout the day.

The rooms were rockin' all day. The little ones were impossibly cute and overflowing with unrestrained enthusiasm as they pulled each other over to their favorite exhibits. Their unvarnished expressions of wonder and joy could make you cry.

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Stevie Ray said...

Kudos for another great ExploratoRio Event. But, there's no crying in Physics!