Thursday, December 02, 2010

College Board makes their punt more permanent

A change is gonna come. Advanced Placement Physics B is to be split into a two year sequence. This much has been known since 2007. (Maybe even earlier than that.)

When is the change gonna happen, and what—exactly—is it gonna look like?

Details and a timetable have been promised time and time again. But there have been no deliveries just yet.

I last checked in June, since there had been a promise that details would be published in early 2010. The College Board's info page had been updated to reflect that the details would now be published in Fall 2010.

With Fall 2010 coming to a close soon, I thought it would be amusing to check in again. The page has again been updated, and the promise of details has been unhinged from the calendar.

"Reviews of AP Chemistry and AP Physics B courses and exams are complete and pending validation by colleges and universities. To allow educators sufficient time to incorporate course revisions into their teaching practice, the College Board will announce revisions two years in advance of implementation."

If the plan comes together for 2020, we'll be notified by 2018.

If nothing else, the latest revision does away with any need to update the web page. Gone is specificity. Intentional ambiguity rules!


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