Saturday, January 09, 2010

PTSOS Sacramento: Give Physics a Whirl 1/30/10

The next Physics Teacher SOS (PTSOS) Sacramento workshop will be held at Rio Americano High School on Saturday, January 30.

The focus will be heat, waves, and sound. Topics will include temperature, kinetic theory, heat transfer, phases, the Leidenfrost Effect, mechanical wave characteristics and properties, Doppler Effect, shock waves and sonic booms, interference and beats.

We will address these topics via demonstrations, computer sensors, simulations, and a make-n-take. And we'll discuss how these topics are assessed on the state's Physics CST. In any case, there will be flames!

The goodies are robust and worthwhile. Attendees will leave with treasures of knowledge and the high-quality materials needed to "work the magic" in their own classrooms on Monday (or any time thereafter).

Steve Keith will be leading the workshop with me. And our attendees bring the wisdom, insights, and curiosity that make PTSOS workshops work as well as they do.

We'd love to have all area physics teachers, new and old, along with us for a day of physics fun. If you attended the October workshop, you know the joy of PTSOS. If you missed our October session, you don't want to miss this one!

Register with Stephanie Finander: If you're in the San Juan Unified School District, the ERO SRN for this workshop is 1040215072.

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