Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall harvest of new & improved UCM & Gravity stuff

I was deep in the midst of lab manual authoring this time last year. So this year, I got the chance to write new material or update old material for the Uniform Circular Motion and Gravity unit in Physics 1.

The full page of curriculum materials is here. The new or improved items have asterisks bracketing their numbers.

I'm happy with the way the "Forced to Go in Circles" presentation came out. Sight, sound, and motion! Use it with the Springboard and I think you'll agree it's worth the time to download.

The two new "Will It Go 'Round In Circles" demos make use of a rotating platform (Arbor and Pasco have 'em) and Pasco's Visual Accelerometer. And, oh yes, the mechanics use for the Skinny Fish Tank (Arbor's Laser Viewing System) is exploited.

The TechLab uses PhET's excellent My Solar System orbital mechanics simulator.

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