Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sounds like a heat wave: PTSOS2 RA09 afterlinks 1

The Sacramento PTSOS New Teacher Workshop 2 was held January 24 at Rio Americano High School. Steve Keith and Dean Baird led an energetic group of teachers through demonstrations, discussions, and projects on the topics of heat and waves.

Though we try to work through the day slowly enough that all the information can be absorbed at a reasonable pace, it might be helpful to review some of the info links discussed.

Here's a brief list of some of the topics we planned to cover. (Sometimes the day gets away from us before we get to all of them.)

Book of Phyz coverage of Heat and Temperature (Physics 1)
Book of Phyz coverage of Thermodynamics (AP Physics 2)

Although we didn't discuss it specifically, the good people at PhET have a nice Kinetic Theory / Gas Laws simulation.

My Web Video page gives access to video clips of the Leidenfrost Effect. And don't forget that nice video clip, "Putting Firewalkers to the Test." What an excellent example of Science shutting down the Woo! If you like that kind of thing, you might consider attending James Randi's The Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas this summer.

Specific links to demo/lab ideas connected to goodies in the goodie bag. (The item name links to the vendor's product page.)
Colliding Spheres: Sheet
Ball & Ring: Sheet + Presentation
Compound Bar (Bimetallic Strip): Sheet + Presentation
Radiometer: Sheet + Presentation
(The Ove-Glove is a handy (!) aid whenever handling hot water, etc. It's an answer that you'll find questions for when working with hot objects.)

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