Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inertia at high speed

The chronicles of high speed video as seen through my Casio EX-F1 continue. The latest episode focuses (!) on our Inertia in Action PhyzLab.

Click here to go to the full Inertia Video page.

A brief explanation of each activity.
Card Trick: Put a coin on a card and put the card on a cup. Remove the card in one swift move (without changing its orientation).

Hoop Dreams: Balance a marker pen on an embroidery hoop atop an air-core solenoid. (Some prefer hex nuts and wine bottles.) Next, remove the hoop so that the pen drops into the coil. There's a bonus video from 2002 showing a student attempting the difficult triple Hoop Dream.

Tablecloth Trick: We use physics textbooks in lieu of fine china. Then we try loose sheets of paper. The paper is non-trivial.

Click here for the full high speed video page.

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Anonymous said...

I am doing waves right now and I was thinking you should do some video of waves on a guitar sting. I used the video of a tuning for today and students really liked it.