Monday, February 04, 2008

TAM6: Let the registration begin!

Registration is now open for The Amaz!ng Meeting 6, June 19-22 at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. From the James Randi Educational Foundation:
You can't stop the Amaz!ng Randi, and he's at it again with his Amaz!ng Meeting. This time it's TAM 6 and just like in past TAMs he's lined up some heavy hitters for this one of a kind conference.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet some of the leaders in the Skeptic movement. Randi is bringing back such great speakers as Phil Plait (the Bad Astronomer), Penn & Teller, Richard Saunders, Dr. Richard Wiseman, Dr. Michael Shermer, Adam Savage (from the Mythbusters), Christopher Hitchens and Paul Provenza. That's not even half of the speakers scheduled to attend.

I attended TAM2 in 2004 and I was hooked. I haven't missed one since.

Check the TAM6 webpage for further details.

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