Monday, October 22, 2007

TriviaBowl VII

Our Rio Americano teacher group has been to Sacramento Brewing Company's TriviaBowls II, III, IV, V, and VI. And we're back for TriviaBowl VII, scheduled for Tuesday, October 23.

We've placed first in the quarterly point totals on our way to qualify for TriviaBowls V, VI, and VII. (Quarterly winning teams get a shiny Benjamin for their success.) Doing this requires we compete well every week. We rarely take first place in the weeklies, but we usually do place in the top three. Our team personnel drifts and shifts from time to time. And none of us study. Not even the topics that come up frequently!

Oh the damage we could do if only we applied ourselves!

(We won TriviaBowl V and came in second in TriviaBowl VI. I hope that doesn't preordain a third-place finish in TriviaBowl VII.)

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