Sunday, October 21, 2007

New circular motion demonstrations

If you fortunate enough to amass a well-stocked physics lab, you sometimes stumble across a nice apparatus synergy. The other day, I thought to set a Pasco Visual Accelerometer atop a rotational platform. Lo and behold, it worked as expected, with the accelerometer assuring us that the acceleration was directed toward the center. I milked it further to have two accelerometers show that the acceleration was greater farther from the center. The cherry on top was spinning my skinny fish tank half-filled with colored water for the classic parabolic waterline.

I'm often compelled to write demos up so I'll remember to do them next year. And I sometimes draw from my music collection when in need of a demo title.

So check out Will It Go 'Round in Circles? A demonstration of centripetal acceleration.

For those who enjoy "number puzzles" (traditional physics problem-solving problems), I've got you covered, too. Here's the sequel I'll use in my AP Physics B class. You'll need a Newton's Cradle for this gem.

Check out Will It Go 'Round In Advanced Circles?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahh, was interesting to see you fiddle around with that a few days ago.
The "fish tank" was especially interesting
I am worried however as to the amount of time it takes to make a demo like the one you just recently procured.