Sunday, September 16, 2007

Attention Keynote-using physics teachers!

I've made my Keynote presentations available via my iDisk's Public folder. Here's how to access them:

1. From the Finder's Go menu, select iDisk > Other User's Public iDisk.

2. When prompted, type in my Member Name: phyzman.

If all goes well, my folder will show up on your desktop. Within, you'll find folders corresponding to the various units I teach. The Keynote files are in those folders.

These are essentially the same presentations that are available via my website, but in Keynote format. you'll need iWork 06 or better to run and/or edit them.

A number of teachers asked for access to these files, and it seemed the iDisk Public folder was the best way to make them available. Note that these files can only (as far as I know) be accessed from a Mac. Which is OK, because Keynote is a Mac-only application.

Let me know if you encounter any technical glitches and I will endeavor to rectify.

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Douglas said...

I ran across your web page while searching for teachers who use Keynote. I teach freshman Honors Physical Science at Sarasota High, Florida. While 90% of what I teach is Scientific Skills and Chemistry I downloaded some of your Keynotes to see if they would be useful in my class.
I have a few Physics Keynotes you may be interested in along with many Chemistry Keynotes that science teachers in your school may be interested in. Always glad to share Mac stuff with Mac users.
Here is a link to my Keynotes if you are interested:
Thanks for sharing your Keynotes.
Doug Gilliland