Saturday, March 24, 2007

Local teens find asteroids

When I was in high school, setting the high score on Asteroids required a lot of quarters, excellent hand-eye coordination, and good motor skills. A group of Cordova High School astronomy students took a different path. Instead of playing a video game, they discovered actual asteroids!

Two three-member teams in Glenn Reagan's Astronomy class discovered asteroids. Students Lycia Vang, Jisel Moore and Christine Sherer discovered two: KO7D84U and KO7D84W. Students Josh Rose, Mike Sebastien and Phillip DiJoseph discovered asteroid K07C54Q.

The Sacramento Bee has the full story.


Anonymous said...

I once found ten dollars under a vending machine. Thanks to these kids, I no longer can think of that as a huge accomplishment.

Jisel said...

Oh, we played Asteroids too, if that makes you feel any better.