Wednesday, February 21, 2007

OT: On a fool's errand in Yosemite

It's ski week and I was looking for a way to forestall whatever chores I should be tending to. So when I noticed that a winter storm was making its way to the Golden State, I booked a stay at Yosemite. I'm keen to get a decent shot or two of the park dressed in winter. Or at least to practice getting such a shot.

I motored in today and, well, the good news is that the door to the park was open. Mostly sunny and warm as I arrived. The weather is running a bit late, but it's supposed to be coming in tomorrow. We'll see.

For now, I've posted some preview shots to this album. Notice the lack of snow and the drama-free sky. But it's the Sierra in winter. Things could change dramatically.

UPDATE: Early morning rain turned to snow. Heavy and wet, but snow nonetheless. Since it's my first rodeo, I bobbed and weaved in an attempt to get something. At one point, the valley road was chain-restricted! I posted some new previews for your enjoyment. Now I just need the weather to clear in a reasonable fashion so I can get some sun on the snow and make a clean escape.

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Doug said...

Great shots, again, Dean. Isn't it nice to be THAT close to such scenery? And, am I the only one who sees a bas-relief of George Washington in the Half-Dome shots?