Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Vote for the Stars!

My favorite science/skepticism blog is Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy. Normally, I'd keep that to myself. But suddenly, the good people at The Weblog Awards want to know. So I hustled over and placed my vote.

Now you should, too.

If you don't, a crazy blog devoted to cephalopods could win as best science blog. Cephalopods? Are you squidding me? I say stand up for those of us in the animal kingdom who have a backbone and can stand up. Or at least for the groovy posts that The Bad Astronomer authors and amazing space photos he shares.

UPDATE: Squids beat stars. Official. Bummer. See for yourself.


Anonymous said...

"Are you squidding me?"


Anonymous said...

There still may be a chance.
They are tallying up the votes and checking for cheaters until Monday. Maybe Pharyngula or whatever it's called was doing so well because people hacked the voting poll. I'm hoping that's the case, because that squid site is awful and I want my CTF!

Dean Baird said...

Actually, Pharyngula is quite a good blog from a skeptical point of view. I sense that the best science blogs cannot avoid promoting skepticism and critical thinking. Those elements are deeply embedded in the process of science.

Once you get past the introductory courses, science is much more than the memorization of mitochondria, oxidation-reduction stoicheometry, or KE=1/2mv^2.

Bad Astonomy's Phil Plait and Pharyngula's PZ Myers are both so rapt with their respective specialties, you can't help but be moved by the enthusiasm that shines through in their posts. And they've both got great senses of humor, which keeps readers interested even when the content gets heavy.

Anonymous said...

I squid you not, it looks like Pharyngula officially won. No five points for me. :(

But I have been reading some of these bad astronomy posts and they're pretty funny. It reminds me of the Darwin awards.