Sunday, October 22, 2006

So long, Motion and Forces

I'm now done teaching all the standards in Standard Set 1: Motion and Forces. Constant "and" average speed, Newton's laws, circular motion, and gravity--all covered. I might have even snuck in some topics that went beyond the standards.

Me being done teaching motion and forces doesn't mean my students are done learning motion and forces. My unit tests and semester final exam are designed to encourage retention of the academic content. Future unit tests will include questions on motion and forces. The drum beats until the semester comes to a close.

We're now moving on to Standard Set 2: Conservation of Energy and Momentum. That set will be finished well before Winter Break. Heat and Thermodynamics will close out the first semester.

With five standard sets to cover and the exam administered in April, you need to cover three of the five before the end of the first semester. That is, if you aim to cover most of the tested content before the test.


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